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This is part 3 to help you ‘Start a Passive Income Business’.

I hope you’re getting a lot of value from this short series.

I’m pretty sure you don’t want to be kicking yourself 12 months from now because you didn’t take a little bit of action today.

– You Seriously DON’T Want to Miss This Golden Opportunity.

How NOT To Succeed Online

But complaints like this email I received this morning disturbs me…

“Greg, why do I have to give my email address to access Chris Record’s free training?”

Look, it’s simple.

If you’re too afraid to share your email address to access $2,000-$5,000 worth of free training, then you probably should stick to your regular day job and forget trying to make money online.

I’m sorry, if you think I’m being too blunt.

But come on.

Chris Record is one of the most experienced and skillful Internet Marketers teaching people just like you, how to make money online. And if you’re too scared to share your email in return for this training, then that says more about you, than the training.

So, if you don’t like what I’m saying, please close this page, and exit now…

It’s been great having you. But no hard feelings.


Onwards To CBD Glory

Ok, are you still here?

Great! You hopefully have what it takes to create a 6 figure business online.


No time to lose. Let’s keep going…

Following on from yesterday, I’d like to cover a very interesting area for the growth of your CBD business.


Facebook Helping Your CBD Business

And it’s being able to advertise CBD products on Facebook.

Whether you like Facebook or not. It’s undeniably still one of the biggest tools you can use to build ‘your CBD business’.

Up until now, it’s been pretty difficult advertising on Facebook and Instagram.

I’ve had numerous CBD ads closed down in the last few months.
However, I think Facebook and Instagram will soon start to be more lenient in terms of CBD advertising.

“Can Facebook really keep banning CBD products now Canada has fully legalized medicinal and recreational cannabis?”

Can Facebook keep banning CBD products now Trump has signed the 2018 Farm Bill?

I heard Facebook ads reps are finally waking up and will soon start updating search results to show CBD products and CBD ads.

This will be massive for your CBD business.

So if you’ve had a CBD ad banned before, don’t lose heart. You should be able to get your ad manually approved.

Make sure you don’t make wild claims about the benefits of CBD.

Focus on driving prospects to your CBD ads and leading them into your funnel.

From there you can educate them more on the benefits of CBD products.

And because you are in my team, you don’t even have to build your own funnel.

Just drive your prospects to the 90-Day CBD Challenge.

And all the grunt work will be done by Chris Record’s funnel and training system.

‘The 90-Day CBD Challenge’ has started, but it’s not too late to ride this CBD wave.

If you’re ready, join the Green Rush right now by clicking this link and starting your FREE Training.

Your 90-Day CBD Challenge First Steps

Please follow this plan when you sign up to the 90-Day CBD Challenge.


  1. I strongly advise you to get in on the Executive Level so you can maximize your commissions. And importantly take advantage of all the prospects Chris Record is sending down your left leg.
  2. Get through the first 10 training videos in the Affiliates Dashboard.
  3. Then call/email me, and we can discuss your next steps.

To Your Success, 

Greg Noland 

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