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This post covers a crucial part of your Internet marketing business most people neglect or don’t understand. 

Every now and again you should share something that is literally priceless and personal – The realization of a goal achieved.

When I first started my internet marketing business, my FIRST big goal was to earn enough to travel to America. 

Ever since I was a kid i was intrigued why America had so many millionaires. I thought they must be doing something right, and so i had to go there and discover what it was. 

Well, it turned out i did achieve my goal and ended up staying in the USA for a year (2x 6mths due to visa restrictions). 

When i posted this on my blog, one guy was puzzled why I shared this. He said “I don’t understand the lesson I’m supposed to learn from this Greg, except for the fact you can afford a trip like this and I can’t.” 

And that’s completely opposite of why I shared this experience.

Let me explain . . .

First off, sometimes I’m not always trying to teach. 

Sometimes i just wanna share something with you thats a bit personal. 

No, I’m not trying to say “look at how great I am,” it’s actually the complete opposite message I’m trying to convey. Simply . . .

If just a very ordinary guy like me with a tough childhood, can commit to and achieve my personal dreams,  then so can YOU. 

But also, and probably something most people miss is . . .

The importance of celebration. 

Never EVER forget to do it.

If you ever watch the Olympics or the World Cup. And even regular sporting events to a degree, you’ll see the sportsmen and athletes celebrating wildly. 

The debate often comes up if “these celebrations are over the top?” 

My opinion? Absolutely NOT!

If you’ve ever taken part in any sport. Or just joined your local gym. You’ll know how hard it is to keep going. Keep putting in the long hard yards of tears and sweat. 

And if you break a world record, or score a goal in a major competition, then you have permission to celebrate till the cows come home.

What some people misunderstand is they think this celebration is “showing off”.

It’s not. It’s personal.  And it’s simply a physical manifestation of the dreams worked on for thousands of hours while no one is looking. It’s a massive release of “good” energy.

So “Never EVER Forget To Celebrate!”

Because you deserve it. 

Internet marketing can be hard. Very hard. But the effort will be worth it eventually. 

Right now, you’re building a dream. You might feel you’re in an endless tunnel. But at the other end of that tunnel is your success. And you better be celebrating once you get there. But along the way also. 

The mistake I see most people make is they don’t celebrate the small stuff. 

If you’ve never gotten a lead and then you get your first one, throw your arms up and scream YESSS!!!

And do this every step of the way and you’ll find yourself having a ton more fun.  

Getting to the next goal quicker and with more excitement than the previous.  And you’ll soon find yourself surpassing anything and everything you ever thought possible.

And if you’re new to internet marketing, one thing you must have is a game plan. 

You CANT spend all your time learning about marketing. 

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Because Action Takers Succeed in Life. 


To Your Success

Greg Noland 


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