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There is something very important to your overall understanding of how holistic marketing works. 

Then you can use it to your advantage on a larger scale.

It’s simple.

What works in one area certainly has application in other areas.

You must constantly remind yourself of this or you’ll miss out on huge opportunities that are farther reaching than any one particular strategy itself.

I’ve really taken on a holistic perspective to marketing as I mature in my marketing education. 

And if there is one thing in this blog post that you should take away – it’s this crucial point.

It took me years to understand this point properly. 

I thought every business is independent of each other. 

It wasn’t until I became a member of Dan Kennedy’s Inner Circle did I fully understand this secret. 

But here it is for you simply stated and open for your benefit.

If you can get what I mean by a “holistic approach” to marketing by the end of reading this, consider yourself on a much higher plane of thinking. As far as marketing goes.  Than most self-proclaimed ‘gurus’ out there.

Let me explain what I mean . . .

If you’ve read my other articles on advertising you now understand why it’s so important to control the headline for your advertising.

It allows you to get maximum exposure for your message instead of being at the mercy of others who will not do as good of a job at it as you.

But that’s not the point of this article.

The point is understanding that by creating a headline that arouses enough curiosity to get many to open your emails you stand a greater chance of getting your marketing message read.

As the great copywriter David Ogilvy said, “80% of Your Time Should Be Spent on Writing Headlines.”

If a headline works in one area it works in all areas.

A quality headline pulls the readers interested in that topic in, so another powerful application for this principle is the free traffic generation strategy of article marketing.

It’s the headline that gets you exposure and if you can take the same elements that work for you in your newsletter marketing and include those in your blog articles you’ll reap the reward.

It takes time to create a high quality headline, but that time spent is well worth it.

You Must Analyse Your Business 

Look around your business and ask yourself what’s working and why? 

And then take the next step and ask “What other applications can I carry this over in to?”

You’ll see things that are not in books and you’ll find new personal breakthroughs right under your nose that you didn’t know were there. 

And with each new personal breakthrough you uncover, you’ll be stepping down the path to true business independence.

In other words, no longer will you be looking to copycat the next great hype. 

You’ll actually be doing and reaping the rewards of the real practice of “holistic” marketing.

To your success,

Greg Noland 


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