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This is part 4 helping you ‘Create a Life-Changing Passive Income’ in the CBD Industry.

Are you starting to understand how you can make a serious income from building a CBD business?

Yes, this is only a short series. But it’s just the beginning.

Even if you’re an experienced online marketer, I know you’re going to get excellent value from Chris Record’s 90-Day CBD Challenge.


How Much Will You Make in December 2019?

I know you don’t want to be kicking yourself in December 2019, because you made less than December 2018.

There’s nothing worse than your income falling stagnant.

If it does, you’re actually going backwards when you factor in the cost of living going up at stupid-fast rates.

And prices always go up, right?


Cost of Living Going Up, Continually…

Here’s what I mean…

I took a taxi from my friend’s house near Heathrow airport in August 2017 and this August.

  • In August 2017, the taxi was £18.00
  • This August, only 12 months later, it was £28.00 – for the exact same distance.

In the Co-op near my Mum’s house:

  • In August 2017, I could buy 4 Punk IPA bottles by Brewdog for £5.00
  • This August, only 12 months later, I could only get 3 bottles for my £5.00!

Now, you don’t have to be an expert mathematician to realize just these 2 examples show whopping increases in price. In a very short time.

So, has your income been increasing every year lately?


HempWorx and My Daily Choice Could Be Your Saviour

You and I both know I can’t guarantee your income will increase if you start a CBD business.

But it’s probably a pretty sure bet, nothing in your life will improve if you don’t do something…

Let’s talk about your plan…

Chris Record and I have partnered with HempWorx because out of all the CBD opportunities out there, we feel HempWorx ticks the most boxes.

Their compensation plan is really attractive.

If you’ve been in network marketing for any length of time, you’ll instantly see how lucrative this compensation plan can be for you.

If you don’t understand the ‘HempWorx Compensation Plan’, check out this short video:


The HempWorx Compensation Plan

HempWorx is a hybrid of a Unilevel Comp Plan and a Binary Comp Plan.

The Binary side means you build two legs and do your best to balance them.

You can set your legs to enroll, evenly. One on the left. One on the right.

This is the basics of a network marketing business model.


Our Secret Plan for Success

Most network marketing business models I’ve come across are either, unilevel compensation plans or binary comp plans.

However, the HempWorx founders are seriously smart network marketers, and they came up with the genius idea to run both systems at the same time.

I don’t want to over complicate the structure of your CBD business.

But basically, with a unilevel compensation plan, you don’t need to build the right leg in the beginning.

You can achieve most of your commissions by simply placing your prospects on your left side.

This gives you the opportunity to achieve MORE commissions. And make your commissions faster!!


Why Does This Strategy Work So Well?

I hope I still have your attention. I know this can get confusing.

But here’s why this strategy works so well…

When we focus on building our left leg, we can STACK tons of business under everyone that joins our teams.

And once Chris Record’s 90-Day Challenge really kicks off, thousands of prospects will be placed on that left leg.

This is why it is so important you guarantee your position ASAP.


This is a real ‘Time Is Money’ scenario

In 3 Days’ Time, (and every Thursday), the system will reset.

Therefore, you and your prospects must upgrade your account by this time.

If you do, you will get to keep all the business we have built for you.

(You will have been notified by email already about these people).


This is an Awesome Closing Tool

As you know, ‘Closing is the Name of the Game’

When you enroll your prospects on your left side, we will stack hundreds of enrollees and your team.

Then, when Thursday rolls around, your prospects will see all the people they will lose if they don’t upgrade.

And your free leads are very likely to upgrade to an Executive package.

And when they do, you will earn up to $200 in up-front commissions.

Simply put…

  • You refer members to the 90-Day CBD Challenge
  • They will get access to 90-days of CBD videos regardless if the upgrade
  • But if they do upgrade, they will become affiliates of the HempWorx system
  • And you earn up to $200 for each member that upgrades
  • Then, you will earn up to $40 overrides on each of their sales as well
  • The system does most of the selling for you on autopilot
  • You just focus on referring FREE members with all your custom affiliate links.

If you have any questions, please get in touch.

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To Your Success, 

Greg Noland

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