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This is a life lesson I’m just REALLY getting to master myself, but . . .

Neither of us got into the internet marketing business to do work all day long.

We started our online businesses to create time and money freedom for ourselves and our families.

Am I right?

The trap many get caught in is:

– learning something – doing it – creating results…

But then we don’t take the last step.

So we get caught in a loop that ends with us using all our time, when the last step is simple.

“Make it a system and outsource it.”

Once you understand something fully and you have results to back up its validity, don’t get caught having to do it yourself.

Most aspects of your business, especially the mundane and repetitive stuff should be done by someone else.

The puzzle in my mind was figuring out the “HOW” to do this step.

It’s actually simpler than you think.

What you do is you break your business down into systems.

The Key to Time Freedom

Systematization is the key to ‘Time Freedom Success’

Let me show you how…

1. If pay per click marketing is a way you’re getting leads, take an hour or two to write down the important steps that bring you leads.

Make a video of each step.

Then ask yourself: “Who can I get to do this for me?”

Go find that person (It could be a family member.) Pay them how you choose.

Or use Fiverr. Upwork. 

Now you may say, “but how do I pay someone if I’m not making much right now?”

Pay on performance…

Tell “your future worker” that for every successful sale or new recruit in your business, you’ll give them X dollars.

Most people will be happy to take your deal.

  • The robotic work will be done, but you don’t physically have to do yourself.
  • And you’ll free up more of your precious time.
  • Your business is now scalable.
  • Congratulations, you’re now thinking like a true business entrepreneur.


Vital Tip: Make a habit of this.

A Golden Rule To Always Ask Yourself…

Instead of figuring how much you can do, think instead…

“How many systems can I create and outsource today?”

And if you live by this Golden Rule, you WILL see your results soar.

And most importantly…

1. You’ll be building a business which can scale. 

2. A business you can sell. 

3. And you won’t be trading YOUR time for dollars. 

And isn’t that why you got into this business in the first place?

If you don’t know which systems to start with…

…create a log of everything you do throughout a full day. 

Even if you’re surfing Facebook, write it down. 

And record time spent. 

If you eat, go for a piss, call a friend, make a sandwich…

Record what you did, and how long it took

You MUST be 100% honest doing this. 

If you know you’re spending too much time on Facebook, the tendency might be to skip recording that FB session…




Record EVERYTHING correctly, Get Maximum Benefit

Screw this up, and your business will suffer. 

I suggest recording for 3 straight days. 

That’ll be long enough to give you a good overview of your company and how you spend your days. 

Next comes the analysis of the data you’ve recorded. 

But that’s for next time.

Right, that’s enough from me today…

1. Go Systematize a part of your business today…

2. Start a log to record everything you’re doing in a full day. 

You CAN Build Your Dream Business!

Greg Noland

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