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In the 1300’s the Black Death or Bubonic Plague killed millions in Europe and Asia.

It was transmitted by fleas to rodents and from rodents to humans. For any who got this atrocious disease black spots developed on their skin and shortly after they died a horrible death.

What you probably don’t know is the disease is alive and well today and it may be infecting you and your business without you even being aware of it.

Luckily there is treatment.

I once met a young marketer who was infected with this horrible disease and didn’t even know it.

The first thing she asked for was if I could place her where she would get the most spillover. I felt a tingle and knew the infection had taken root in her.

The plague is much different today than it was many years ago.

Today it takes root in would be successful home business builders and slowly tightens its noose around the victim’s mind until it’s only a matter of time before certain entrepreneurial death.

I attempted immediate treatment for this young marketer, but was immediately met with signs that the disease had taken root much deeper than I had thought.

Her treatment started with a small dose of disease killing mental antibiotics. I immediately started to wash her mind of false expectations by telling her that spillover isn’t what will bring her success.

The disease reared its ugly head again. At this point, I knew she had it bad.

I started to explain to her what would be the ultimate cause of her success from my own hard-nosed experience battling and curing myself of the disease with success.

The disease spewed its toxic venom from her mouth. “But I can’t”

Following those words were several reasons why she would most likely fail.

“But I can’t do what you did because I can’t tell people how big my downline is and how much money I make.”

“But I can’t do it because I’m a single mother with another small baby on the way.”

“But I can’t because I have a full-time job and I run another business on the side, I just don’t have time.”

“But I can’t because I’m not originally from America and I fear when people see my name they won’t join me because it sounds foreign.”

This is to name a few excuses . . .

I knew immediate massive action was needed. I put on my phone headset and started uprooting the infection at the source with all I had.

I first instructed her to think about all the things she was saying. She joined with the hope of success and even had courage enough to contact me, but when she spoke all she told me were reasons why it probably won’t work.

All this does is make it easier for the disease to take full control.

She didn’t realize she had the plague. But once I had explained the symptoms of the disease and showed her how she was displaying them, I could see the disease weakening.

The first step in the treatment of the 100% fatal disease is realizing you’ve got it.

Once you do this it’s time for phase two. The truth.

I laid it on her thick. Success will not come from spillover or already being successful.

Many of the most successful business builders did it from the exact same position she stood in. And with internet access, growing a global organization was literally available to anyone.

It’s the great equalizer.

If there was going to be a brighter future for her I told her it was totally in her control and up to her. But the first thing she had to do was really believe she could.

The infection fought back.

“But I thought if you could just give me a little spillover it would make it easier for me to succeed. In fact, I left my last business because I wasn’t getting any spillover.”

My response:

Then you left that business for the wrong reason, getting spillover doesn’t make you a success, creating it does.

I revealed my story of how I’ve worked full-time jobs, and worked on my internet business after getting home every night. Working all weekends. Working in the holidays. I am a nobody, and yet I worked hard with very limited resources.

Really, there is no excuse she could possibly give that would exclude her from any level of success, that is, if she really wanted it.

I told her I believed fully that she should, could, and would have a massive downline in the future, if she just really believed she could.

Before the disease could rear its ugly head up again, I moved on to the next phase of treatment.

Planning and action with feedback.

The next phase of treatment is not to sit around and think. NO!

Put a plan together. Go Take Massive Action. Then analyze the results.

I gave her a task to complete before the weekend ended, and told her I would be following up on her results.

And that’s where the story ends. I hope the disease was weakened enough for her system to fight it off, but we won’t know until she responds.

I’m rooting for her success big time.

DO NOT let this disease infect you. If you are infected, you’ll know by the symptoms of constantly and without control when a dream or desire is imagined you start to spout off “But I can’t . . .”

If this is happening to you – learn the truth.

Realize results and the ability to relay those results come from taking action.

You MUST take action. Even if you don’t have all the pieces of the puzzle.

Report back to someone who cares greatly about your success and realizes you have infinite power and ability to create anything you want.

And when you believe it the results will start to show in your life and you’ll be on the fast track to recovery.

The quickest way to inoculate yourself from the disease and the best treatment is following in the footsteps of someone who’s been where you want to go and take action no matter what.

If the option is presented for you to further your success by learning from a qualified teacher and if for any reason the words “but I can’t” come into your mind, act as quickly as possible.

I know you can do this!


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To Your Success,


Greg Noland 



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