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HempWorx CBD Oil Serving Size & Instructions

Serving Size and Instructions For HempWorx CBD Oil 500mg & 750mg Strength

If you are just starting out with HempWorx CBD Oil, you can get information on the serving size below. 500mg and 750mg strengths are available to supplement your daily needs.

You’ll also learn the difference between the 500mg and 750mg strengths, and which is better for you, depending on your health and needs.  

HempWorx CBD Oil Serving Size and Instructions for Supplementation

HempWorx has four main products in the HempWorx line. The drops are by far the most concentrated form of CBD because you are getting CBD sublingually (under the tongue). There’s a 98% absorption rate with the drops because the CBD gets absorbed directly into the bloodstream via the capillary blood vessels under the tongue. We also have a Pain Relief Rub for external application to the body and sore muscles and pain.

Which CBD Serving Size is right for me?

Since each of our bodies are different, serving amount will vary for everyone. We generally recommend exploring to see exactly what works best for you, and to start with smaller doses your first week.

Most people start out with 5-10 drops of CBD Oil twice a day, and adjust upward or downward to find their comfort level. Some take up to 20 drops per day. *Place drops under the tongue for best absorption. **Note: You may also take CBD Oil throughout the day in small servings.

For Example: 5-10 drops in the morning, 5-10 drops around lunch, and 5-10 drops in the evening. Breaking it up throughout the day when you feel pain, anxiety, etc., can help.

*Note: For children, you may want to start with even smaller servings and 2 drops twice a day.

Servings Size and Instructions When You’re Just Starting To Take HempWorx CBD Oil

OK, so you received your HempWorx CBD Oil and now what are my instructions?

Start off slow your 1st week, and put under your tongue for faster absorption.

Determine what serving size is right for you.

HempWorx 500mg vs HempWorx 750mg CBD Oil

Many people ask, “What’s the difference between the 500 and 750 strengths of CBD Oil?”

A good analogy would be Advil and Extra Strength Advil.

The difference is simply the strength.

HempWorx Pure Hemp Herbal Drops 500mg bottle is great for many people with minor issues like periodic headaches, minor muscle aches, and even your large pets (dogs/cats). Most people do great with the 500mg, and will never need the 750mg. We recommend trying the 500mg first to see how it works for you.

However, HempWorx Pure Hemp Herbal Drops 750mg strength bottle may be better for people with severe chronic and more serious conditions.

Instructions for children: For children 10+ with SEVERE health issues, start with “small” serving sizes first. Don’t begin with a full serving.

HempWorx CBD Hemp Oil Serving Size. Instructions for Cats and Dogs

You can place drops directly in mouth or add to your pet’s water or food.

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