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Imagine watching a man trying to chop a tree down in a large forest near your home. He’s struggling like mad, even though he is sweating his arse off. And clearly trying his best. But he’s barely making any progress.

What do you do?

Keep watching or help?

You look at him and you see that he’s chopping at this tree like some steroid-infused gym nut. And he’s clearly been at it for quite some time.

He looks like he really wants to chop this tree down.

He has a determined focus and is using all the proper leverage and perfect technique, but as you get closer you see he’s making one HUGE mistake…

He’s using a rusty, blunt axe.

You say to the man . . .

“Hey buddy why don’t you just sharpen your blade? You’ll get the job done way faster?”

He replies . . .

“I don’t have time mate! Can’t you see I’m trying to chop this frigging tree down?”

Well, when I first started trying to make a living in internet marketing I was this guy out “in the forest” trying to chop down my tree with a blunt axe.

I hacked at it. I tried all the techniques I was told were “correct” and I was intent on using them with every muscle fibre in my body until my goal was reached.

Unfortunately, the guy in our example above had one advantage over me.

He had someone actually come up to him and point out his problem.

The sad truth is . . .

If someone had done this for me I probably would have given them the same response that our man with the axe above gave.

I would have said . . .

“Can’t you see I’m trying to build an internet business? I don’t have time for that!”

While in the act and exerting all our energy to our internet business. We give very little time to reflect on what may truly help us be more successful. We think that if we just keep “hacking away”, sooner or later we will be successful in achieving our end goal.

While this might be true for some lucky marketers . . .

Wouldn’t a sharper blade make that struggle a whole lot easier?

I hear a question brewing . . .

“You say a blade, but what does this equate to in network marketing?”


How Do I Build My Internet Business?

What I’ll say is this . . .

The entrepreneur journey doesn’t have to be as hard as you’re making it out to be…

If you’re not making 6-figures yet, then you probably need a mentor.

Look, I don’t proclaim to know everything about building an internet business.

Yes, I’ve been working online since 1995, but I feel I’m still learning.

That’s why I jumped at the chance to partner up with Chris Record.

I was looking to get into the CBD industry anyway…

But then saw a post on Facebook, from a guy called Peter (turns out he is Chris Record’s business partner. But I didn’t know that at the time).

Peter was saying Chris Record was looking for partners interested in starting a CBD business.

I ‘knew’ there would be money involved because I reckon Chris Record is in the ‘Internet Marketing Hall of Fame’. He is an ‘A-List Player’. One of the best in the business. But I didn’t see a figure at the time.

But I kept digging for more information.

Eventually, I arrived at Chris Record’s 90 Day CBD Challenge.

Inside I found high-grade internet marketing training that I’ve paid big bucks before!

I’ve honestly easily paid $2,000 for this sort of training before.

And here Chris Record was giving it for FREE!!

Yes, Free…

I couldn’t believe it. Had Chris gone nuts??

Was this his big send-off before retirement?


No, and No.

It’s just Chris Record using his unique marketing brain yet again to establish the most effective system for the situation.

It is pure brilliance…

So, I urge you to join us, and let’s make 2019 Our Best Ever Years, Together…


Is There Any Money Involved?

For the first 2 weeks of December, Chris Record gave everyone the opportunity to try out his 90 Day CBD Challenge.

Now, if you enter for a Free Trial you’ll be drip-fed the training over the 90 days of the challenge.

You can upgrade to Level 4 Affiliate and see everything immediately, by ordering the Executive Pack for approx. $600.

Then, simply test all the products out yourself. Or sell them to anyone interested in CBD.

Or better sell, use some, sell some.

Right, I’ve gotta shoot off. My wife is taking me out for a posh meal!

More soon buddy, I’ll hopefully see you in the 90 Day CBD Challenge Training as soon as you’ve had a chance to read this post…

Keep Healthy!

Greg Noland

Founder of CBD OIl Health Depot

Here is your link to Chris Record's Free Training. Take your chance now for a better 2019...

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