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Are You Killing Your CBD Business Success Before It Even Starts?

I want to take a little time today to talk about a strange and disturbing trend that I’ve been noticing in my own business.

A trend that can kill your business before it even begins.

A trend that will set you up for ultimate failure without you even knowing it.

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A trend that is so discreet and subversive that you may not even know it’s happening to you.

As you can probably imagine I deal with a lot of new people coming into the CBD industry. 

I come in contact with all kinds and from all backgrounds and so I get to see a larger scope of what’s going on in the industry than most.

And well here’s what I’ve noticed.

Many of the people that come to me for advice will either send me an email or give me a call and they’ll start out by saying . . . 

“I don’t have a lot of money or time, but I really want to make my CBD network marketing business work. I want you to show me exactly how to do this business without having to spend any money or devote a significant amount of time because I don’t have either.”

Now I don’t mind helping anyone get there CBD business going, but when I hear or read this from a newbie I silently shake my head in disappointment and disbelief.

I’m not disappointed because these people don’t have money or time for their business, but rather because of their mindset from the outset.

These people, whether they know it or not, are disqualifying themselves away from success.

They are approaching me and their business as if they “could” have a winning lottery ticket.

They bought in and now they are waiting to cash in.

Too much hope and not enough confidence.

When you approach your business from the initial standpoint of what you don’t have, you’re working from the wrong paradigm.

In essence what this paradigm says is . . .

“I hope this works, so tell me exactly what to do to be a success and I’ll do it as long as it doesn’t take much money or time and if it doesn’t work in X amount of time I’m going to quit because IT obviously doesn’t work.”

This is WRONG!

But, I understand why people unknowingly think this way.

I get emails just like everyone else and most of them say . . .

“Join this business under me and I’ll build your downline for you.”

As if just getting in is going to make you a success.

Sure for the marketer that sends out these messages they will probably get quite a few people to join their business because they are playing on our inherent laziness, but think about this approach long term.

Say you get in a business with someone with this approach and they do put lots of people under you in your business.

Why are those people below you?

They are all WAITING for the initial person to put more people under them.

They may stick around for a while, but it’s highly unlikely that many of them will ever take any action themselves.

Furthermore, for the marketer themselves, they’re not growing a downline of people wanting to create freedom for themselves.

Rather they are actually attracting people that are waiting for the marketer to do it all for them.

Take it from me, that’s not the type of team you want to attract if you’re looking at this CBD business, or any business for that matter from a long term perspective.

So . . . 

With this message pervading the market I can see why so many unsuspecting people buy into it and think that someone else is doing everything for them without them really putting in personal time or money is going to work.

It’s lazy and it can create some initial excitement, but that’s about it.

But back to the point at hand . . .

When you approach your business with the above mentioned perspective – what you don’t have or can’t do    you are setting yourself up for failure and you are limiting your chance of success.

I don’t care if you don’t have a dollar to your name, don’t treat your business like you don’t have a dime or any time.

If you run your business from a poverty standpoint it will pay you like a bankrupt business.

Can you make money in network marketing with very little time or money?

Yes, but you have to think of your business from an abundant standpoint.

Personally I didn’t have much money or time when I began marketing my business, but I never thought about it as being a disadvantage.

Instead I thought . . .

How can I create the money that I will need to create high levels of success?

And what I didn’t have in money, I made up for it in time. 

To be quite frank, we can ALL make more time if we really have the desire for success. 

Here are a few tips I used in the early days which will help you…

1. When you get back from your day job, don’t watch HBO (these days it will be Netflix)

If your Netflix has too strong an attraction, then cancel your subscription…

Better yet, sell your TV (you can always get another later. Or one of the cables to your friend for 6 months, so you can’t turn it on. Get your business setup, once you hit $1,000 per month you can start watching some TV again. 

2. When you get back from your day job, work on your business immediately. Don’t think to relax for an hour first. Or that hour will turn into 2 and then 3. Then you’ll put your business off till tomorrow or the weekend. 

3. On weekends or your days off, follow the same principles as in no.2. Your business comes first. Before anything. 

4. Go to bed one hour earlier. Wake up an hour earlier. Work on your business for that hour before your day job. 

5. Call your best friend now, and tell them you can’t meet them for 6 months. Use those Friday and Saturday nights to work on your business. 

Added bonus, you’ll wake up fresh on Saturdays and Sundays. Making working on your business easier. 

Final Thoughts 

The resources you need for success are out there whether you have them immediately or not. 

It’s your job first to realize this and then to creatively find ways to tap into them.

Don’t kill your business before it even begins by disqualifying yourself from success.

To your success,

Greg Noland 


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