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Hey CBD Money Makers, Greg Noland here!

I wanted to give you a heads up that the first 7 days of the 90-Day CBD Challenge training are NOW available for you to devour!

If you HAVE NOT YET SET UP an account with Chris Record’s CBD Challenge site, do that here:

But assuming you have already created a username and password…

Just LOGIN to access the training ASAP!

I want to let you know Chris moved the 90 Day CBD Challenge Launch to December 12th in the afternoon pacific time. 

The reason he’s moving the launch to Wednesday Dec 12th is because he just received some new code today that makes the system literally 10x better!!

Chris had to make a decision, launch everything straight away, or wait just 2 more days and launch 10x better.

He decided it was in the best interest of everyone to just wait 2 more days to make it 10X better!

We sincerely appreciate your patience and are truly excited about this system!

Creating an epic turnkey automated CBD Marketing & Selling System, with 90 days of video training, 10 days of Affiliate Mastery Fast Start Training, and an entire bridge page marketing campaign is a lot of work!

But we are 100% committed to this system and your success so we are working as hard as we can for you!

To your success,

Greg Noland 

P.S. “Cash-In on the Mega Green Rush” – We’ve been getting some amazing feedback on the 10 Day Affiliate Training Series and would love to hear more! 

So make sure you take the time to go through the affiliate training as well as the first week of the CBD Challenge training!

Login To The CBD Challenge Site here:

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